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Though they’ve grown a lot, they still manage to offer a week’s worth of concerts, performances and art for free. The CVAF has always been a great kick-off to the city’s festival season which encompasses the second through fifth place finishers above.Mosaic, Folk Fest and Craven are definitely titans of summertime partying./ Work Runners-up Farmers Market (2nd), Dog Park (3rd), Wheelhouse Cycle Club (4th). You’re already committing half of your waking hours to a soul-smushing office job, or maybe one of those gigs where you twirl a sign on a street corner. Bad Drivers Runners-up Construction (2nd), Pot Holes (3rd).Whatever it may be, you’re only doubling down on a bad deal by putting in effort on top of time. Get up from your desk and wander over to someone else’s cubicle. I was preparing a rant about bad drivers (and it would’ve been an expletive-filled doozy). So instead, I admit to you that I, Mc Duck, am one of the drivers you abhor. I don’t keep track of right-of-way, I just go when I feel I’ve waited long enough.Did you marry, give birth to, or otherwise choose to be in their presence? Tell them about that TV show you watched the night before, the one with the nerds. I enthusiastically sweep across three lanes of traffic when something pertinent comes into sight — like a Starbucks, or cute dog.

Let’s hope it happens, because the health of our democracy depends on it. With a 40-year career in politics, Goodale has worn more hats than Mr. Minister of agriculture, natural resources, public works, finance, and now Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness.

It takes a lot of clowns and dancing poodles to make a circus.

Also, Saskatchewan has shameful and disturbing rates of drinking and driving. Rabbit Runners-up Moose (2nd), Fox (3rd), Coyote (4th). We’re maple-syrup-sucking snowshoers who commune with the buffalo and caribou of our proud Prairie.

His innovative motion to introduce the concept of a living wage to Regina inspired his successor Andrew Stevens, who will take up the Ward 3 mantle in the coming months.

Also, if anyone would like to see Shawn Fraser change his name to Prawn Laser, please signal your support by tweeting “prawn” and/or “laser” to Trent Wotherspoon 700E 4400 4th Ave.

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    For the December 2007 issue, she also appeared in a "fantasy pictorial" in which she was dressed, briefly, as Snow White.