Is brandon heath dating someone

Sarah Backman actually holds eight World Arm Wrestling Championship titles. In 2012, Samantha Rotunda married one of our favorite wrestlers, Bray Wyatt. 5 years later, the media was filled with rumors about Bray supposedly cheating with a WWE ring announcer and former Total Diva star, Jojo Offerman.

She also has a fun fact in her portfolio, she appeared on Swedish Gladiators as Spitit! The couple couldn’t withstand the drama, and they split up, with Samantha the one to file for divorce.

Well, these wrestlers also have love lives outside of the ring.

These are, by far, the hottest wives of your favorite WWE wrestlers.

But ever since 2014, she has been married to Daniel Bryan, and they even had their first child together this year, a beautiful baby girl called Birdie Joy Danielson.

Naomi is another one of our WAGS who found fame on reality TV show Total Divas, after becoming a professional wrestler herself.

Let’s turn our attention to a different kind of wrestler for a moment, an arm wrestler!

Lana’s actual name is Catherine Perry, but she became famous under the WWE name Lana.

She is known as a musical talent, as she has a history in both singing and dancing.

She married Bo Dallas in 2014, who also comes from a family which is known for it’s strength, as his father is Mike Rotunda himself. The couple have two gorgeous kids from the marriage, one boy and one girl whose names are Kendyl and Caydn.

The other half of the Bella sisters, Brie Bella is also a professional wrestler, and a model and actress too. Apparently, Brie used to have a relationship going with a different kind of celebrity altogether, a musician who played guitar for Poison – Richie Kotzen.

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