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BRB: Be right back BTW: By the way CUL8R: See you later IDK: I don’t know ILY: I love you FWIW: For what it’s worth IMO: In my opinion J/K: Just kidding LOL = Laughing out loud NP: No problem SLAP: Sounds like a plan TTYL: Talk to you later Every cellphone can send and receive text messages. Some monthly cellular plans don't include any text messages — which means you pay (usually around 20 cents a pop) for each text sent or received.Other plans include a fixed number of texts per month and charge per text when you go over the limit.Sign in to Google Voice, type in the number you want to dial and Google then routes the call to your own home phone. Well, your Google Voice number also works for sending and receiving free text messages within the United States, although it restricts your messages to text only (no photos or video).Owners of Android or Apple phones and tablets can download the Google Voice app and get the same benefits on their mobile devices, using data plan coverage instead of cellphone minutes or racking up text charges.It takes a little more effort, but it'll save you money.Here are a few of my favorite cost-slashing messaging options.6 - The data and documentation provided in this site are available for personal, academic and journalistic use.encourages the free publication and dissemination of results and findings made from this data.

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You can also access Textfree through a standard Web browser on your computer.

Smartphones with full QWERTY keyboards (push button or touch screen) are the easiest to use for texting.

Basic handsets with only a numeric keypad will do the trick, too.

For those, you'll see several letters on each number button, just like you do on a landline phone.

You're required to press the key multiple times to enter your intended letter, which can be tedious.

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